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January 21, 2022 Newsletter
We’re officially one year into the Biden administration. President Biden held a press conference to mark the occasion and tout his accomplishments where he boasted that no other President had done as much as he had in a year. While his actions certainly have “done” a lot—they’re not exactly the kind of results most Americans would have hoped for.
January 20, 2022 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Tom Tiffany (WI-07) introduced the Medical Equality and Discrimination Stoppage Act, or MEDS Act. The legislation would prohibit the Biden administration, states, U.S. territories, or any other recipient of federal funds from intentionally discriminating against or granting a preference to any person based on race in connection with the distribution of, or access to, medical treatment.
January 18, 2022 Newsletter
For the past several months we’ve been warning you about how the Democrats socialist spending sprees and policies had the potential to set off massive inflationary pressures of a kind we haven’t seen in a generation. This week the Department of Labor released a report which showed that the consumer price index rose 7% in December from a year ago marking the largest increase in 40 years. 
January 14, 2022 Newsletter
We are back with 2022’s first edition of the Telegram, and I wanted to begin by wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. 
January 6, 2022 Press Release

MINOCQUA, WI – U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany (WI-07) responded today to news that the Verso Corporation is entering into a multimillion-dollar merger agreement with the Swedish pulp and paper manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs.

November 5, 2021 Newsletter
Infrastructure and reconciliation are the two words on everyone’s mind in Washington this week— luckily for American taxpayers the Democrats haven’t been able to stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to come up with an agreement to move them forward.

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