October 29, 2021 Newsletter
It’s been two months since President Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and we’re still learning more about just how badly it was handled with each passing day.
October 22, 2021 Newsletter
The border immigration crisis continues to worsen, prices continue to rise, and crime continues to skyrocket. But I wanted to start out this week by sharing some developments related to the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and its aftermath.
October 15, 2021 Newsletter
This week we learned that the federal government collected more in taxes this year than ever before. Tax revenues surged by 18 percent – the biggest year over year increase since 1977.  Even so, President Biden and Democrats in Congress have spent so much, that even with this record spike in tax collections – the federal government still posted a record deficit. It’s pretty obvious: Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.
October 1, 2021 Newsletter
This week Democrats in Congress continued to argue amongst themselves over a budget-busting, $5.5 trillion spending bill that Americans do not want and cannot afford. 
September 24, 2021 Newsletter
Congress returned to Washington this week – but not to address pressing concerns like American citizens and residents still stranded in Afghanistan, runaway inflation, a spike in the murder rate, or the rapidly deteriorating situation on the US-Mexico border. Instead, Speaker Pelosi brought lawmakers back to push through legislation that would suspend the federal government’s $28.4 trillion debt limit – until the end of next year.
September 17, 2021 Newsletter
When I was first sworn into Congress a little over a year ago, I knew I’d encounter a lot of people in Washington, DC with bad ideas. What I didn’t realize is that some of those people would be completely disconnected from reality.
September 3, 2021 Newsletter
President Biden declared this week’s chaotic evacuation effort from Afghanistan that ended Monday afternoon – leaving hundreds and perhaps thousands of Americans behind – “an extraordinary success”. Like many Americans, I was shocked to hear the president characterize the debacle that has unfolded over the last two weeks – leaving 13 American military personnel dead – in this way.  One cable news host put it this way:  “Biden bragged about what a remarkably, really stunningly and historically successful military and intelligence operation we have just witnessed,” he said. “Apparently, Biden is under the impression that the entire United States has lost electrical power and no one has a working internet connection.”
August 27, 2021 Newsletter
We’ve all watched in horror over the last few weeks as the situation in Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse. The Biden administration’s botched handling of this crisis is, simply put, a catastrophe of epic proportions. As I write to you now, news agencies are reporting a series of explosions and gunfire at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul that has resulted in the deaths of American troops. All of us hope and pray for thewell-being of our brave servicemen and women, as well as other Americans stuck in the country.
August 24, 2021 Newsletter
This week we were all confronted with grim images and videos reminiscent of 1975 Saigon coming out of Afghanistan. All Americans are saddened by these events and are hoping for the safe return of our fellow citizens.
August 6, 2021 Newsletter
Lawmakers are back in their district for August, and that’s probably good news for the American taxpayer given that one of the House of Representatives’ last acts before leaving the Capitol was to rubber-stamp an almost 1,000-page, $600 billion, earmark-packed spending packagecalled a “mini-bus” – even though there isn’t anything small about it.