The Tiffany Telegram: August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021

Dear Friend,

Lawmakers are back in their district for August, and that’s probably good news for the American taxpayer given that one of the House of Representatives’ last acts before leaving the Capitol was to rubber-stamp an almost 1,000-page, $600 billion, earmark-packed spending packagecalled a “mini-bus” – even though there isn’t anything small about it.

The Senate remained in Washington to continue work on an even longer, more expansive, 2,700-page, $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” package – which looks more like the “Green New Deal” than a road-and-bridge bill with each passing day. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Speaker Pelosi has said she plans to link this already bad spending bill to an even worse $3.5 trillion social welfare spending bill – and the true price tag may be much more than that.  A non-partisan Center for a Responsible Federal Budget analysis determined that the true cost of the second package is closer to $5.5 trillion, since many of the “pay-for’s” in the bill are really budget gimmicks. You can read more about that here (the analysis is about halfway down the page).

President Biden’s immigration crisis also worsened this week, with migrants continuing to flow into the United States unabated. But more on that later.

Lastly, people around the country are unfortunately back to dealing with mask mandates in some areas thanks to yet another CDC flip-flop.  I am deeply concerned that this move may once again usher in a round of job-killing shutdown and potentially school closures after a White House spokesperson suggested that the Biden administration would be open to such actions.

No more lockdowns, no more mask mandates. 
Let's get our kids back in school.

I’ve made no secret about my opposition to more government mandates – and I am committed to making sure that people have the right to make their own decisions. You can read a column I recently wrote on the topic here.

Thanks for starting your weekend with us, and we hope you enjoy this week’s version of the Telegram.


Tom Tiffany
Member of Congress

Border disorder worsens 
Not a day goes by that we don’t see more disturbing news about the deteriorating situation on America’s wide-open southern border. This week it got worse, as we began to see a clearer picture of where the seemingly endless flood of migrants into the United States is coming from – and the data is startling.  Of the whopping nearly 200,000 illegal aliens encountered in June at the border alone, just one-third were from Mexico, about 40 percent were from Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras, and the other quarter were from – elsewhere. This is shocking, but not surprising. Many of you may remember that I traveled to Panama earlier this year, the “entry point” of this dangerous illegal alien pipeline to America. During that visit, I saw migrants from as far away as Egypt and Bangladesh beginning their illegal journey to our country – and many of those following the route are emerging on the other side.  Agents in one single Border Patrol sector, for example, have reported encountering more than 1,000 individuals from Brazil every month since April – a whopping 114,000% increase over the same period last year. And in perhaps the most shocking news since officials apprehended two Yemeni’s on the terrorist watch list at the border, we learned that some 7,000 Covid-19 positive illegal aliens have been released into a single Texas town – many of whom have no doubt fanned out across the United States – even as American citizens are once again being asked to wear masks and facing the specter of more school and business restrictions.

Inflation concerns continue to rise  
A leading Democratic economist first sounded the alarm in February about President Biden’s economic policy’s ability to trigger extreme inflationary pressure. The former Treasury Secretary went on to add that Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending spree was the least responsible economic policy passed in over 40 years. It didn’t take long to feel the impact. Prices skyrocketed—from the checkout line to the gas station. The rapid surge in the money supply to fund Biden’s big spending spree caused the value of our currency to plummet and inflation to soar. To make matters worse, supply struggled to keep up with the increase in demand due to the labor shortage brought on by generous unemployment benefits. Americans continue to struggle with rising prices as a result, but Washington just wants to keep on spending. The Biden administration’s solution to the economic crisis is to try and inflate their way out of inflation with not just one—but two massive spending bills that will cost at least $5.5 trillion. Enough is enough. It’s time for Congress to stop acting like one big blank check for Biden and start working to reign in this administration’s reckless spending habits.