The Tiffany Telegram: April 23, 2021

April 23, 2021

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Recent Legislation
District Update

Dear Friend,

Last week we told you about the House majority’s effort to pack the Supreme Court. This week, they are looking to “pack” the U.S. Senate – by unconstitutionally adding the District of Columbia as the nation’s 51st State.

Like the “court packing” proposal we told you about last week, Speaker Pelosi’s “Senate packing” scheme is another partisan power play – this one driven by a desire to add two new U.S. Senators.  Not only is this a bad idea, it runs afoul of the Constitution, which would have to be amended to allow D.C.’s admission as a state. I strongly opposed this unconstitutional power grab in the last Congress and voted against it this week, too.

Democrats also passed two bills this week that would further degrade America’s ability to protect its borders – even as we face a worsening illegal immigration catastrophe. One of those bills would significantly hamper our ability to restrict incoming foreigners for national security or public health reasons, and the other would make it more difficult for officers at ports-of-entry to screen and search potentially dangerous foreigners attempting to enter our country – including those who have been flagged for advanced screening due to suspicious activity or prior criminal offenses. I voted against both of these bills, which would take us in exactly the wrong direction at the worst possible time.

We also saw a California lawmaker travel to Minneapolis this week – just over the bridge from Hudson – to provoke violence and raise tensions as jurors were preparing to render a verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. More on that later. 

We hope you enjoy this week’s version of the Telegram and wanted to thank all of you again for spending part of your Friday with us!


Tom Tiffany
Member of Congress

Standing up for those who keep us safe
This week during a markup in the Judiciary Committee, I backed an amendment to protect our law enforcement officers from dangerous “defund the police,” efforts. You may recall that the push to decimate police budgets began last year, and continues to this day – with some prominent Democrat lawmakers characterizing all police as “intentionally racist” and demanding “no more policing [or] incarceration.”

I spoke in favor of police, and against the reckless and irresponsible efforts of lawmakers who have demonstrated a pattern of traveling around the country to incite violence – including in our own communities.  You can watch my statement in support of the amendment in the video below.

Watch: I supported Rep. Bishop's amendment to stop Democrats from defunding the police in the Judiciary Committee.

Democrats reject censure resolution
Many of you know about the Member of Congress who traveled to Minneapolis this week for the sole purpose of fomenting violence on the eve of the jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. What that lawmaker did was so outrageous that it prompted an unprecedented rebuke from the trial judge in the case, who noted that the move could potentially lead to the case “being overturned.” Republicans responded by trying to reprimand that member for her conduct with a “censure” resolution. Unfortunately, not a single member of the majority party supported the effort, which was voted on Tuesday. You can read the text of the censure resolution here.

“Woke” warriors target school children
We’ve written about the dangerous obsession with race that seems to be seeping into almost every aspect of life these days. From huge corporations telling their employees to “be less white,” to college campuses holding segregated graduation ceremonies, and even a race-based $5 billion Agriculture Department debt relief program (that I’m fighting to overturn), there are some who want to treat every American based on the color of their skin rather than their individual merits. Sadly, we learned this week that even children aren’t immune from this cruel and destructive effort when a New York school administrator was caught on tape admitting that the focus of the school’s “woke” curriculum is to “demonize white people for being born,” and make some students feel “less than”. You can listen to the shocking audio yourself, which is embedded here. The good news is that a growing number of parents are getting fed up with these discriminatory policies – and are stepping forward to say so. One even penned a now-viral letter on the topic that some of you may already have seen. If not, you can read it here

Medical examiner releases report in Capitol Police officer’s death
Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police officer who died one day after demonstrators unlawfully broke into the Capitol on January 6, died of natural causes according to the Washington, DC medical examiner. Several large news organizations had initially reported that Officer Sicknick was killed by rioters wielding a fire extinguisher, or as a result of being exposed to bear spray, but the medical examiner said there was no evidence of either. You can read more about that here.

Green New Deal doubles down on anti-energy agenda
It just keeps coming back like a bad penny – only this penny could cost taxpayers trillions. This week Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York City reintroduced her “Green New Deal,” but there’s really nothing ‘new’ about it and it’s still a bad deal for American families and farmers. In addition to the price tag, the plan would dramatically expand the power of Washington, DC over our lives, further increase energy bills, and empower adversarial foreign regimes by undermining American energy independence. A better deal would be reinstating the Keystone XL pipeline, lifting President Biden’s ban on responsible public land energy development and getting back to American energy dominance.

 Recent Legislation
Dems swerve left with partisan Driver’s License bill
This week Judiciary Committee Democrats gave preliminary approval to another controversial piece of legislation without a single Republican vote. The bill, ironically named the “Driving for Opportunity Act,” would set aside $20 million to get rid of state laws that suspend or revoke the driver licenses of people who fail to pay a civil or criminal fine. They started with defund the police, which has harmed countless communities across our nation and undermined law and order efforts. That was not enough for them, so they moved to abolish the so called “no cash bail” system, which has encouraged lawlessness and has allowed for criminals to go back on the streets in record time, to victimize others. Now they are aiming to discredit and undermine the courts, state legislatures, and the will of the voters, by interfering in state governance. I will continue to defend the police, stand up for law and order, and push back against misguided efforts to undermine local control.

No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC)
For years, oil cartels have manipulated and fixed prices without being held accountable for their actions. In the past, they have manipulated markets, and Americans have paid the price, both at the pump and in other important sectors that depend heavily on natural resources. We gained the initiative in recent years thanks to President Trump’s bold American energy agenda, resulting in lower energy prices and improved national security. Under this administration, however, we have taken major steps backwards. New regulations being brought online and the cancellation of the very important Keystone pipeline don’t strengthen our national security or make us more energy independent—they make us more vulnerable. That’s bad news for American families and businesses. The NOPEC Act I supported this week aims to protect the American consumer from these unfair practices. But the long-term solution is to roll back the Biden administration’s job-killing, anti-affordable energy agenda.

Expanding opportunity for younger workers
This week I became a cosponsor of the DRIVE Safe Act. This bipartisan bill would allow certified commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders who are 18 to 20 to drive interstate and cross state lines. Currently, CDL holders who are in that age group are only allowed to drive intra-state, a restriction that deprives younger drivers of opportunities and makes it harder for trucking companies to fill vacancies. This bill would remove that roadblock, and open new “lanes” for young people to join a well-paying industry. The trucking industry employs many Wisconsinites with great jobs, so I’m glad to support legislation that will help more young people contribute to this vital industry and keep America moving.

Flexible Financing for Rural America Act
I also recently cosponsored an important, bipartisan broadband bill, titled the Flexible Financing for Rural America Act. This bipartisan bill would direct the United States Department of Agriculture to allow rural utility service (RUS) loan borrowers to request readjustments to their interest rates without penalty. Allowing electric cooperatives and rural telecommunications providers to take advantage of lower interest rates will help not only lessen the impact of COVID but also allow broadband to expand in rural areas across America. Keeping America connected and online is more important now than ever before, and I’m committed to working for better, more affordable and more accessible broadband.

 District Update
COVID-19 Update

This week Wisconsin saw a decline in case numbers, down from an average of 833 cases per day to 671 cases per day. Hospitalizations continue to remain stable with no significant change in admission rates in both the Northwest and North Central HERC regions.

On the vaccine front, Wisconsin will hit another milestone this week with 4 million shots distributed. Currently, more than 1.6 million second doses have been distributed meaning nearly 30 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Additionally, 75 percent of all seniors 65+ are now fully vaccinated, likely contributing to low hospitalization rates statewide. In addition to the mass vaccination sites located in Oneida, Marathon, and Eau Claire counties, DHS announced they will be opening another vaccination site in Douglas County. As always, if you wish to register for a vaccine appointment please utilize the state registry system here:

The USDA continues to make resources and assistance available to agricultural producers and working families to ensure access, safety and stability for food markets and supplies. 

Small businesses can also apply for assistance through the Economic Injury and Disaster Loan program. This program provides economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue as a result of the pandemic.

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